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(Sept 18-19, 2015 Odessa 55th Reunion photos provided by George Stallings)

click==> OHS 1959 55th Reunion Photos (Photos provided by Joyce McCarty Greenlee and Tim Porter)

click==> OHS 1958 55th Reunion Pictures (photos from Pat Sapp Mims, Richard Porter,  Glenda Moreland Ball, Ardis Griffin Schnell)

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click==> OHS 1957 55th Reunion Pictures (Sept 2012)

click==> OHS 1958 50th Reunion Pictures  (Photos by John Henson)

click==> OHS 1959 50th Reunion Pictures (Sept 2009)

click==> OHS 1959 50th Reunion Pictures 2 (Sept 2009)

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click==> OHS PHS 1960 50th Reunion Photos (Photos from George Stallings)  

click==> OHS-PHS 1960 50th Reunion Pic Set 1

 click==> OHS-PHS 1960 50th Reunion Pic… Set 2

click ==> OHS - PHS 1960 55th Reunion (from George Stallings)

click==>OHS 100th Centennial Pictures (Sept 2009)

click==> OHS 1957-58 Bronchos Pics (1983, 1988)…  

click==> OLD Classmate's Pics   (Photos by Johnny Henson, 4-15-09)


Mother & Daughter

Reunion Party

Granbury, TX, Nov 11, 2010

Click for more Photos==>  Mother/Daughter Reunion Granb…  


"It is indeed ironic that we spent our school days yearning to graduate and our remaining days waxing nostalgic about our school days." - Isabel Waxman