Class of '58
Posted Saturday, April 11, 2009 07:32 AM
Dear Classmates,

We finally have our very own website! We owe our thanks to Ralph Posey for finally taking the initiative to get it on the internet. From what I see, this site has the potential for being one of the best Senior Class addresses on the Net. Ralph has given this project a lot of thought, establishing links to many other places that will interest all of us in some way.

Our goal as classmates is to use this site. I hope that is exactly what you do. It will allow to keep up with each and every classmate, hopefully some we have lost contact with over the years. We can look at our friends who moved to Ector High School for our senior year. They are no less than our good friends from the first two years of high school. We can look at classes behind us and classes that went before us.

I've always thought the Class of 1958 was a special group. Even though we were a large class I think we were lucky to have known each and every member of the class in some way and we could honestly call them all "Friends." We enjoyed a Golden Time, the likes of which will never happen again. They were carefree times. And I for one will never forget them.

So, please, let Ralph know how much you appreciate this gift and I hope every one of you will become as active as possible putting information and memories on these pages.

Best Regards and Best Wishes,
Johnny Henson