Whatever happened to old........?
Posted Saturday, October 31, 2009 12:27 PM

Why don't we start a "whatever happened to old so&so?  I've wondered about a lot of classmates over the years who just seemed to simply disappear.  I was asked about a classmate, Jack Kennelley, the other day.  Jack was to be in the class of '56 but dropped out to tour with the Teen Kings (bass).  He came back and I think might have finished at mid term in our class.  I had a source and was able to find him in Littleton CO.  Someone wanted to invite him to the '56 reunion next yr.

I often wondered whatever happened to Linda Smith who married Grady Bingham. 
She had a little brother Jack Smith who was two years behind us.  We never "dated" but were good buddies.  Anyhone know whatever happened to her?

Someone can always find someone else so ask away....."what ever happened to .....?



Those last reunion photos you sent Ralph were great. Appreciate it very much.